Make and inspire reliably wise decisions


Optimize your mental and procedural processes to master, lead, and inspire rational, deliberate, and wise decisions.


HSDM is a 12-week online leadership development program empowering small cohorts with a 5-step framework to reliably make the wisest decisions – especially when the stakes are high. 


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Good Thinking. Better Questions. Best Decisions.


Of the approximately 35,000 decisions we make each day, some don't matter that much. But, when treasure or life is on the line, these high stakes decisions matter a lot.


We make many high stakes decisions by ourselves or with the help of advisors – how we invest in our health, our relationships, our future.


But when high stakes decisions are made as a group – decisions about hiring, mergers, investments, funding, reorganizations, launching products or businesses – different and powerful dynamics are at play.  


Bad decisions can be traced to two separate dynamics that greatly influence each other:

1. The way decisions were made (process and architecture), and

2. The minds of the decision makers (judgment). Managing these powerful dynamics gives you the potential to determine the fate of your organization...and the fate of your career.


HSDM will empower you and your team with the mental models and reliable decision process and architecture to manage these powerful dynamics and make the wisest high stakes decisions.


Over the course of 12-weeks, our coaches will challenge and guide you and your team through the 5 steps of the HSDM Framework, tailoring every lesson to you and your most pressing decisions.


HSDM will help you implement proven decision hygiene techniques, then score and track your decisions over time. This will provide measurable evidence that you and your team are making the wisest high stakes decisions.


Weekly Lessons


Personalized Coaching


Customizable Workbook




High Stakes Decision Making Framework






Commit to Good Thinking

Activate your curiosity and critical thinking muscles for strategic decision-making.




Guardrail Your Decision

Define the decision and what you are – and aren’t – optimizing for.




Filter Your Inputs

Remove biases and fallacies from your due diligence process.




Sanitize the Process

Implement the architecture to maximize the benefits and avoid the traps of group decisions.




Make the Decision

Optimize the balance between overthinking and underthinking.




Who teaches HSDM?

Becki Saltzman

Becki Saltzman is the Founder and Chief Curiosity Seeker at Applied Curiosity Lab and an internationally acclaimed trainer and speaker.

Her actionable trainings, engaging presentations, LinkedIn Learning courses, and workshops have helped over 1 million leaders, emerging leaders, and forward-thinking organizations apply unique ways of thinking to spark curiosity, inspire critical thinking, and optimize decision-making.





Barkley Saltzman

Barkley brings his unique experience working across international decision making and conflict resolution, mediation, and software sales to provide learners with cutting-edge, actionable tools to make better strategic decisions.

In addition to creating world-class critical thinking and decision making content for global audiences, Barkley has helped businesses adapt in uncertain times, uncovered avenues for assistance in conflict zones, and created connections between leaders when resolution seemed unlikely.








Frequently Asked Questions


What is HSDM?

HSDM is a 12-week online cohort coaching and training program designed to help leaders and their teams master the HSDM Framework in order to make the wisest decisions.

Each cohort member will receive weekly video and audio lessons, live coaching sessions, and access to their own HSDM workbook. 

By the end of the program, you and your team will be prepared to confidently and wisely tackle, track, and score your most challenging high stakes decisions.


Is HSDM for me?

Yes, if you're a leader or an emerging leader because making decisions is likely your hardest, riskiest, and most important job.  

Yes, if you want to understand, implement, and inspire others with the proven (behavioral and decision science-based) tools, techniques, and processes for making hygienic high stakes decisions.

How prepared are you to make high stakes decisions? Take the free assessment and find out!


Can I take HSDM with my team?

Yes. HSDM was designed as a leadership development program for cohorts of approximately six individuals from a company or organization. Each cohort member will receive actionable weekly video and audio lessons, nine live group coaching sessions, and access to their own HSDM workbook. Organizations benefit from the collective learning of a cohort of leaders who will be ready to implement and deploy a reliable decision-making framework across the entire organization.


Can I take HSDM if I don't have a team?

Yes, if you want to make and inspire wise group decisions. Although HSDM was originally designed for corporate leadership teams, we will soon be adding small cohorts of independent leaders (self and organization-sponsored).

During your intake process, we will learn about you and your goals, and strategically place you in an appropriate cohort with other high achievers.

Feedback from our best selling online courses made it clear that many entrepreneurs and creators want to take their decision making to the next level. If you were one of the people who asked for access to our mental models, hygienic decision processes, and personal coaching, thank you. We listened.

Note: Because the bulk of our HSDM cohorts are comprised of corporate leadership teams, we are limited in the number of independent cohorts we run. If you're interested,  we suggest that you jump on the waitlist to be the first to know when there's an opening.


How much time do I need to commit?

Plan to spend 1-2 hours each week on lessons and workbook exercises. There are three 90-minute coaching sessions each month. The good news is that you'll likely get this time back many times over. 


How does the 12-week program cost?

Contact us for pricing and availability.


What if I have questions about bringing HSDM to my organization?

We'd love to talk and answer any of your questions about HSDM. Just contact us here, let us know what you're curious about, and we'll set up a time to chat.


In the meantime, feel free join the waitlist to be notified when new HSDM cohorts open.